Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Best thing you aren't* eating: brownie bites

*A “Best thing you aren’t eating” post, in which I share recipes that are so easy you can barely call them recipes, for things so simply delightful that I don’t know why I didn’t eat them before or why I’m not eating the
m everyday, and on the off chance you haven’t eaten them, it would be very very rude for me not to share.

This post is a bit of a two-fer, a simple recipe that led to the discovery of the true "best thing you aren't eating." Looking for something to bring to a family party, I decided on making brownie bites (you can call them brownie truffles if you're feeling fancy).

Brownie bites/truffles

-Bake your favorite brownie recipe or box mix according to directions, let cool completely.

-Trim the crunchy edges (bonus snack!) and cut brownie into small squares (mine were a little smaller than 1x1inches)

-Roll squares into balls (this will get messy)

-Freeze for at least 30 minutes

-To coat, melt chocolate in a double boiler or the microwave (zap in 30 second intervals, stirring after each, until melted)

-Stick a skewer in each ball to dip in the chocolate, shake off the excess and set on wax paper and let harden (either in a cool room or the freezer). Leave plain like to the left, or add sprinkles like above.

I was worried about transporting them during the hour drive. This led to some research on how brownies would freeze (the answer is GREAT) and reading several comments from people addicted to eating brownies straight out of the freezer.

Here's the bonus part. I was skeptical but I cannot emphasize this enough: eat a frozen brownie. Try just one. And then tell me you don't want to do it again, I dare you. They don't freeze solid, but instead get intensely chewy and fudgy and heavenly.

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  1. Same goes for cupcake! Welcome to th cult ofh frozen pasty!

    PS- I'm making these this weekend, and probably NOT sharing them!

    1. But the important question is... with or without sprinkles??