Thursday, January 26, 2012

About that feelings part

Welcome to Cream Cheese and Feelings, my food blog baby.

As the subtitle above says, yes, this is yet another food blog. I know I've thrown my hat into the massive rodeo of food blogs, and I'd be honored to get even the status equivalent of the rodeo clown.

Still, if you're a friend, you know how important food is to me and my life. If you're not a friend, I hope you'll not only become one, but also learn about my passion for food. I believe food plays an important role in culture and people’s lives--it’s comfort, nourishment, energy, community. I like to cook food, eat food, look at food, share food, read about food and write about food. You can expect original recipes, adaptations of others, my opinions about food and the future of food, book and blog recommendations, and stories about people and life coming together around food.

Thanks for coming by, and I hope you'll come back Saturday for the first new recipe!

*I can't publish this post without crediting the fabulous name of this blog to my fabulous friend. Thank you, Leah!*

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